Storage Tips: How to Get the Most Out of Your Storage Unit

When storing your valuable belongings, some foresight and planning will go a long way. Use these tips to keep your belongings safe, dry and accessible.

Moisture protection

As an Oregonian you are well acclimatized to the damp, drizzly weather our state is famous for. We maintain our facilities to strict standards to keep your valuables guarded against the elements, but due to our unique climate we recommend that our customers take a few precautions to ensure that their belongings stay dry all year round. A quick trip to the hardware store will save you the hassle of damp and damaged goods. Here’s what we recommend:

Visqueen – Moisture Resistant Plastic

Before moving anything into your new storage unit, we strongly encourage our customers to lay down a layer of visqueen – moisture resistant plastic sheeting – on the cement floor. This will keep your cardboard boxes, furniture and other goods safe from moisture that may come from the ground. During heavy rainfall it is possible for some moisture to come in under the door, so having an extra layer of protection will prove to be a wise investment that will save you time, money, and hassle.


To protect from moisture that may come in from above, we encourage our customers to lay tarps over any boxes or furniture. We regularly inspect our units, but you never know when a leak may occur.

Rodent Protection

While you’re at the hardware store, grab a box of D-CON – pest control, to keep your storage unit rodent free.

Lawn equipment

When storing lawn equipment – lawn mowers, weed-wackers, etc. – drain any fuel from the machinery before storing. This will lengthen the life of the equipment and prevent any fires.

Fire Hazards

Avoid any potential risk of fire by not storing any propane tanks, gas tanks, oil soaked rags or paint covered rags.


If storing appliances, such as refrigerators or freezers, prop open the doors to prevent any mold or mildew from forming inside. Additionally, store linens inside the appliances to wick away any moisture.

Furniture Protection

Your furniture is valuable. When moving into your storage unit, avoid stacking any boxes or other heavy items on top of stuffed furniture. If stacking pieces of furniture on top of each other, place a protective layer between each item, such as a blanket or other padding.

Strategize Your Floorplan

When moving into your unit, take a moment to strategically plan the layout of your items. Store the items that you’ll need access to near the front, and less needed items near the back.  It is also helpful to create an aisle down the middle of your unit, to access more of your belongings with ease.

Invest In Insurance

We encourage our customers to either obtain tenant insurance, or alert their homeowners insurance provider that they have a storage unit.

Use a good lock

Invest in a quality disc lock for your unit, and make an extra key just in case!